Who is Dr. Emily FitzGerald?

As a naturopathic doctor with a special commitment to working with young women and individuals in transitional phases in their lives, I believe that health and happiness come down to discovering who you are. I’m not talking about what you do for a living or study at school, but who you are on a deeply human level. This is about what makes you happy, the people you connect with, and your own one-of-a-kind definition of success.

I know you’re destined to do something fabulous. Even if you don’t know what it is yet. I believe that is why each one of us is here.

In my early twenties, buried under the pressures of university life, work, love and my social circles, I grew rigid with my health and lifestyle choices. I wanted so badly to be perfect—thin, fit, successful—that I didn’t let myself relax into the natural rhythms of my mind and body. As a result, I missed out on hundreds of opportunities to experience joy and well-being. But as I became a naturopathic doctor and began my work helping patients with their own weight loss, nutrition, food-based sensitivities and fertility obstacles, I learned that each of us is more biologically magical and spiritually magnificent than what we were ever taught.

I now know that living a fabulous and healthy life is about so much more than nutrition and exercise. It’s about listening to your intuition, which can be so much smarter than your intellectual mind. It’s about uncovering the truth that’s already inside you. This includes your physical truth—your hormone levels, or your unique genetic blueprint—and the mental, spiritual—your emotions, ideas, and deepest desires.Living fully is also about being present, and embracing the tiny joyful moments that give life richness and depth.