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Work With Emily

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Private Sessions & Appointments

1As a Naturopathic doctor, I have treated patients for many things. From support and care with their sleep, nutrition, fertility, weight loss, IBS, digestion or stress management, Naturopathic Medicine offers many holistic solutions.  Consider me your personal advocate when traditional western medicine just doesn’t have the answers, or when you intuitively know that there has to be a another, more holistic way.

Depending on each of my patient’s needs, we will usually start with a conversation about what you’re experiencing, assess some of your emotional indicators, and follow with acupuncture to leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. When your body calls for more support, I suggest specific vitamin and mineral supplements, IV drips, genetic testing or other special test which you can read more about under Special Tests and Supplementation.

I offer one-on-one sessions either in person at one of my clinics, or virtually through Skype. If you’re getting that tingling feeling that this is something for you, contact my team to schedule your first consultation.

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Special Tests & Supplementation

2One of the most remarkable aspects of Naturopathic Medicine are the holistic tests and supplements it takes into consideration. Sometimes, your vital signs are perfect. Other times, you’re taking all the right vitamins and supplements but it still doesn’t do the trick. Well, that’s where some of my favourite tests come in. Here is a short list of additional services I can offer you as my patient.

  • Blood work
  • Genetic Testing & Analysis
  • Saliva Labs
  • Natural Supplementation
  • Hormone Testing
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Join Dr. Emily’s Membership Program
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3When you say YES to feeling your best, you say YES to a new lifestyle. Whenever we make changes to our lives, it takes commitment and follow through. When we commit to transforming our bodies, we usually work with a personal trainer and buy a block of sessions. When we are ready to change how we eat and nourish our bodies, it’s usually a nutritionist or a Naturopath like myself that will get you on a meal plan to follow.

Similarly, my group membership program is a support system for your life. It ensures that if you’re serious about living a joyous, happy and healthy life, that you have the expert guidance that you need. For a flat monthly fee, my membership program gives you access to a community of fellow patients who are all on the same journey as you are. Together, we meet virtually on Skype every month to check in with one another, gather in person for seasonal brunches, and I share additional tools and tips with each of you to help you amplify what you’re already experiencing. If you’re clear about transforming your life, and you want to do it within a community with me, contact our team for more details.

Book your Skype Appointment today

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